Dates when PRISM data collection started for each provider

by Administrator 8. June 2013 21:27
Dates when PRISM data collection started for each providerI actually knew about this back in 2008 because as a computer person, i noticed that all three big search engines had 'Media 1.0' in the name of their spiders. Before 2008, the name of each company's spiders were always much different. Now, they all had that in the name. It doesn't take a rocket sci... [More]


"Encryption" is the new buzzword to bypass NSA snooping

by Administrator 8. June 2013 14:54
"Encryption" is the new buzzword to bypass NSA snoopingThere are articles on the web now telling you how to potentially privatize your data.  When people speak of encrypted communication, they often mean by SSL. But, does SSL protect your information from prying NSA eyes? No, absolutely not. It is simply because if you are using encryption thru Fa... [More]


June 8 / 9 - Weekend Active Thread

by Administrator 8. June 2013 03:38
[No text]


Taking photos of Utah Spy center "illegal"

by Administrator 7. June 2013 23:08
Months ago, a journalist took a trip to the spy center to find out more about it. She explains that she was told to delete her pictures because it was illegal by a uniformed officer: Two minutes later as we circled back to the flashing sign to take a few more photos, including one of a green sign w... [More]


Massive Drill in LA - and at the same time

by Administrator 7. June 2013 22:16
A video posted on Y-tube shows the drill activity recently in LA: How come there is always a drill going on when something big happens? Now, on June 7, gunman goes on rampage and kills 4 people in Santa Monica. And, convenient once again for gun confiscation activists, The suspect, wear... [More]


Friday June 7 - Daily Active Thread

by Administrator 7. June 2013 16:18
Friday June 7  -  Daily Active Thread[No text]


Utah Spy Center: "We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state" - everything you do painted on a graph?

by Administrator 7. June 2013 16:17
So, let me get this straight, the center is not only to collect email, texts, calls etc. thru FB, Google, Verizon, Yahoo, Microsoft, but also to crack password protected documents? An article by RT back in March 2012 discussing early construction had this to say about it according to a contact at Wi... [More]


DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly

by Administrator 7. June 2013 13:55
Seriously dangerous times ahead. Deadly times. War, and censorship under the color of authority and under the pretext of of national security An interesting article has come out today stating the message above comes from a DHS insider. It seems almost as if this 'leak' of massive data spying ... [More]


If the NSA has all our personal data, then is this data at an increased risk to foreign hackers?

by Administrator 7. June 2013 08:39
A good question by Shawnee: But now here's a question you might know the answer to.  Since the NSA, DOD, and various other agencies are constantly being attacked globally, if they are also connecting to us to spy then aren't they actually putting us and our data at greater risk of attack ... [More]


MSN trying to play down NSA privacy intrusion

by Administrator 7. June 2013 08:29
MSN, owned by Microsoft, and an attendee at the Bilderberg meeting this year is implying that 'big data' may be the cause of the NSA/govt. increased spying. Meaning, that if there were technology advancements for handling large amounts of data, then it would only be natural for increased spying to o... [More]


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