The First Muslim President

by Administrator 28. January 2013 07:10

Highlights of “THE FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT” include:

  • “The first Muslim president” by David Kupelian, on why an adoring press crowns Obama with every title – except this one


  • “Muslim-American author embraces Obama as 'My Muslim President'” – and reveals most Muslims she knows regard Obama as a “Muslim brother”


  • “U.S. policy defending Shariah – not American citizens” by Clare Lopez, in which the 25-year CIA veteran blows the whistle on Obama’s brazenly pro-jihad policies


  • “Rep. Allen West: Benghazi a result of 'appeasement' of the Islamic world” – the courageous Florida congressman speaks his mind on the president’s pro-Islamist foreign policy


  • “Israel policy makes Obama honorary ‘first Muslim president’” by Joseph Farah, who asks: “Who has done more to foment and support the Middle East Islamist revolution over the last 2 years than Barack Obama?”


  • “Obama's Muslim childhood” by Daniel Pipes, in which the renowned Islam expert presents overwhelming evidence that the president of the United States – who claimed before his election in 2008 that he was never a Muslim – was indeed “born and raised a Muslim”


  • “Obama family busted in Shariah scheme” by Jerome R. Corsi, a shocking exposé of how Obama’s extended family is working to drive Christianity out of Kenya and replace it with Shariah Islam


  • “Obama Mideast policy includes arming jihadists” by Aaron Klein, who presents stunning evidence that the White House was supporting al-Qaida operatives who ended up killing the U.S. ambassador to Libya


  • “Why Obama turned on Gadhafi – the surprising reason” by Jerome R. Corsi – on the Obama administration’s infatuation with the Muslim Brotherhood


  • “Under-publicized threat deep in the White House” – in which veteran FBI agents disclose that penetration of the U.S. government by radical Islamist agents is much worse than previously thought


  • “Rogues gallery of terror-tied ‘Muslim civil rights’ leaders” – a pictorial exposé of the “moderate Muslim civil rights group” in the nation’s capital that one FBI agent described as “a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters’


  • “Manifesto puts Hillary’s top aide in Saudi plot” by Art Moore, on how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trusted adviser Huma Abedin previously worked for her parents’ institute focused on establishing an Islamic America


  • “What Muslim-Americans really believe” by Joseph Farah, on a new scientific poll revealing that most American Muslims oppose the most basic principles of the U.S. Constitution


  • “Handing Muslim extremists the house keys” by Diana West, on why the power-elites don't want to answer the questions of the "Bachmann 5."



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