Interesting Analysis by a Blogger on the Hastings Crash

by Administrator 21. June 2013 20:00

He makes some good points, many of which so many people have thought of. This post just sums it up nicely: 

I understand well that not everything that happens needs to be a conspiracy, and that people do stupid things and sometimes die for it.

I might not have even paid attention, had he been a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, as opposed to a journalist very closely involved with politics, pliticians, the military, and the military industrial complex. But I’m not so ready to dismiss this thing as an accident..

There are a few things that raise suspicion. I had asked about one of them earlier, which is the blanket. Scott thinks it might be to cover the charred corpse. It makes sense somewhat. However, it’s positioning suggests more an effort to block view of the engine and the front of the car, than inside the car. It could very well be that the insurance company or even the Mercedes inspectors on scene might want it like that to avoid publicity or lawsuits, etc. Nonetheless, since I have never seen such a screen setup at any crash sites, I find it peculiar, as it does not allow any of us to have a look at it and form an opinion, or ask questions.

I am not very familiar with this safety feature of engine flying off. It certainly sounds weird, since, while increasing the safety of the passengers in the car, this so called safety feature could endanger the lives of passengers in nearby vehicles, pedestrians etc., who would risk having an 800 lb engine fall on their heads. But, having worked at Volvo in the late 80s and translated thousands of their safety manuals, reports, statistics, etc. I do know that modern cars are equipped with a feature that slides the engine up in a front collision to avoid it being pushed in to the passenger cabin, as someone he pointed out earlier.

What I’m having a much harder time explaining is how a modern Mercedes Benz car, literally the most safety conscious carmaker now that volvo has been swallowed up, irrespective of the speed of the car, can be set ablaze in a head on collision in to a tree. This kind of massive fires after crashes happen only in movies, or if you are driving a 1971 Pinto…

And who exactly is the loudlabs news person? I looked at his site, which seems to be an empty shell with links that offer loudlabs clothing and loudlabs art, with many links that take you nowhere. Is it customary for him to,drive around with a dashcam?

But,this is all conjecture of course. We don’t really know anything. Where Hastings was driving to or from, who saw him last, his state of mind, whether or not he was under the influence of anything, his phone records and conversations (now that they admitted to keeping them), or what would make a guy like that drive like that, crossing red lights at full speed, in an urban area (sorry, alcohol alone doesn’t cut it)

I feel the color of the press coverage and the police reports, whether they are sensible, accurate or not, might be more telling than the engine and all that. And I will be watching this loudlabs guy to see if he will step in to the limelight, and tell us about why he was there with a powered up dash-cam in the middle of the night.


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6/22/2013 1:03:22 AM #

Oh, now that makes a difference.  I thought the dash cam was from the cop car and that an officers voice was what we were hearing.  Makes it sound like it could have been staged (albeit poorly given the outcome).  I also wondered about the time it actually took after the car blew through that stop light till the collision occurred.  It sounded like it took 4 minutes from that time for the car with the dash cam to arrive and see the outcome.  So, what if "off the radar" was planned with a video helper to record the event?   Still think their are more questions than answers.  


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